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Sellers Security Plan -- ERA Real Estate
Guaranteed sale, guaranteed price.
When you accept an ERA offer, the Sellers Security Plan assures you that ERA will buy your current house if it doesn't sell within 180 days from the application date. ERA guarantees the purchase price offer, so you'll know in advance the minimum you can expect from the sale of your house. You'll also have plenty of time to see if any other buyer is willing to pay more.

You get the profit, ERA covers any loss.
Almost always, you will receive more than the price guaranteed by the agreement. If ERA ends up purchasing your house and then resells it for more than we have in it (including holding and closing expenses), the net profits are returned to you. But if ERA sells it for less, you don't take the loss, ERA does.

ERA can even help with your down payment.
The ERA Sellers Security Plan allows qualified buyers to borrow against equity. You may use up to $150,000 of your available equity from the ERA offer to purchase and close on your new home. So if the down payment on your new home is contingent on the proceeds from your old one, we've got you covered.

FAQ -- ERA Real Estate
Sellers Security Plan Frequently Asked Questions

What will ERA offer for my house?
If your home qualifies for the plan there will be at least two independent appraisals done by appraisers selected by you from a list provided by ERA. As long as the appraisals vary by less than 5%, ERA will offer you 90% of the average of the appraisals. If the second appraisal varies 5% or more from the first appraisal, ERA may order a third appraisal at ERA's expense and base it's offer on the average of the two closest appraisals.

What will I be required to do?

  • Agree to implement the ERA Five-Point marketing plan
  • List your house with an ERA Broker for at least 180 days
  • Buy another house through a Broker designated by ERA.
    (not required for sellers age 55+ moving to a rental property)

Does this mean I have to buy a new home listed with ERA?
No. You are only required to purchase your next home through a Broker designated by ERA.

What expenses will I have?
Your cost for participation in the Sellers Security Plan will include the same expenses due in any other home sale, including the sales commission and other closing costs customary in your market area.

In addition there are certain other expenses. Contact an ERA Office for full details.

How Do I qualify for the Sellers Security Plan?

Your house must be a single-family primary residence. Houses must have an average appraised value of at least $50,000 and not more than $450,000. Mobile homes, co-ops, or multi-family homes are not eligible for the plan. Properties that have an abandoned storage tank on site are also not eligible.

Other conditions also apply. To see if your property is eligible and to learn more, contact an ERA Office.

Contact us at 702-346-7200