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Six Reasons to Use an ERA Realtor
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Six Reasons to Use an ERA Realtor



Why pay a Realtor a commission to sell your home? After all, more than 10% of homeowners attempt to handle the sale of a home themselves, a statistic that has held pretty steady over the years regardless of market conditions. Before making a decision about whether to go it alone, it is important to have a realistic idea of what is involved in the biggest financial transaction most of us are likely to make. Why work with a Realtor? Here are six reasons to consider:


Reason #1 - Realtors  know your market. Realtors are in a position to know whats happening in the real estate market, not just in your state and your community, but in your neighborhood. As trained professionals who may have seen hundreds of homes similar to yours and know their features and selling prices, a professional is well qualified to set a price that can bring the maximum number of offers for your home.


Reason #2 - Realtors  sweat the details. Accurate pricing, qualifying potential buyers, positioning advertising for maximum exposure, evaluating potential offers, negotiation and closing the sale are some of the basic skills needed to successfully sell your home. Then there are environmental, government and disclosure requirements that must be followed.


Reason #3 - Realtors  know marketing. Marketing that attracts offers, not just lookers. A coordinated marketing campaign using the right combination of print advertising, direct mail and the Internet ensures your home receives maximum exposure. And an experienced Realtor can advise you on cost-effective strategies for ensuring your home looks its best to potential buyers.


Reason #4 - Realtors  are pros at bringing buyers and sellers together. A Realtor  may already have a buyer for your home! Successful Realtors  are continually replenishing their rosters of potential buyers, as well as networking with other real estate professionals who may have the perfect buyer for your home.


Reason #5 - Realtors  reduce stress. Are you prepared to show your home in the middle of the day? Every weekend? Realtors have the time to show your home whenever it is convenient for a potential buyer. Its their job. And they are available to respond quickly and courteously to inquiries by phone call, email and fax. Think of a Realtor as your personal home sales assistant.


Reason # 6 - Realtors  are experienced negotiators. Realtors  can help avoid costly errors during the negotiation phase of a transaction. As experienced negotiators, they can help maintain objectivity during what can often be an emotional time for sellers and buyers. And the ability to deal successfully with any issues that crop up often calls for just the right combination of firmness and diplomacy.



Whether you are a seller or a buyer, perhaps the biggest benefit real estate professionals have to offer to you is their experience. They have made assisting buyers and sellers their business, so that you can get on with the business, and pleasure, of realizing your dream!

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