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For Real Estate In Mesquite Nevada...... ERA Brokers Consolidated

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Give us a few minutes and we'll give you a future!

Consider a Real Estate career for two reasons: Independence and excitement! You're the boss, the entrepreneur, in charge of a career that encompasses all of the excitement of our modern age. Backed by ERA Brokers Consolidated and its stellar reputation for integrity and support, you will have the ability to shape your career to suit your style, abilities, and needs. For instance, go high-tech with computers, the Internet and advanced ERA Advantage software while still being hands on by making contacts, being active in the community, and getting to know people.

WHY ERA Brokers Consolidated?

TRAINING - Our state-of-the art training programs will prepare you, whether new or experienced agent, for current market conditions. We also provide an excellent program for follow-up and consultative selling.

SUPPORT - We provide immense support to all our associates by way of excellently trained support staff, marketing materials, publicity, corporate participations, and internations networking via our affiliation with ERA Franchise Systems, the fourth largest residential real estate company in the world.

TOOLS - We maintain an extensive library of collateral, marketing aids, and event coordination tools which have proven invaluable to our agents.

OFFICE - We provide professional, computerized office space with beautiful traditional office furnishings that your clients will find inviting. Our offices are staffed by experienced support people to help you carry out your daily business in a professional manner.

MOTIVATION - Our programs and incentives at all levels are well received and widely acclaimed. We are a resource and partner for each and every associate, established or new, and consistently supply support, appreciation, thanks and awards for a job well done!

What kind of person is an ERA Brokers Consolidated Sales Associate?

  Professional, knowledgeable, proactive, and success oriented.

  Sought after and respected in the local community and within the profession.

  Someone who cares about the local area and its people and values their respected position.

  Someone who is understanding and dedicated to the clients needs.

  Trusted beyond question.

WHO can become a real estate professional?

Graduates... Retirees... Career-Switchers... Veterans... Househusbands/wives... Single parents... anyone who is seeking a challenging rewarding career!

Contact Natalie Hafen today for a confidential interview. 800-346-7270 or e-mail